Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What the Flock!

With my morning coffee, I enjoy the two things that fascinate man the most.   No, I am not watching CNN or RT or CCTV; nor am I reading a local or national newspaper. With my morning coffee, I get my hit of War and Sex with the bird feeder outside our window.  

If you want war footage, red wing blackbirds puff up and push.  The grackles strut in their beautiful shiny, glossy feathers.  The blue jays fly in and out causing alarm, flight of others and then they feast. 

There is certainly threatening going on.  It is that old territory thing we humans do so well.  For the food, there are periods of sharing and times of conflict. Sound familiar?  With the red wings all puffy, you’d think they believe in exceptionalism.  And blue jays, so imperial, hmmmm, they remind me of something.

As for the sex, so many positions, so little coffee. There are the many joys of aerial pornography and with all the possibilities.  Again, the red wings have no modesty.  And sometimes it’s the old “out on the limb” maneuver.  The rose breasted grossbeaks think they’re hot stuff.  The woodpeckers (no pun) are discrete.  The chickadees (not the W.C. Fields kind) do it in the leaves.  Nuthatches (don’t go there) must get a motel.

There was a turkey hen walked through one day.  She looked all over the place.  Horny or nesting?  I couldn’t tell.  No tom to be found; probably out doing tom things.   We also had a turkey buzzard fly up into the tree.  Talk about scattering birds.  But not for sex, there was a dead squirrel on the road, a tasty morselet.

What a way to start the day.  But enough of reality, time to see today’s spin from CNN on what the “bad guys” are up to and of course, how the Kardashian’s are doing.

Don’t blame me, blame a rainy spring, and, of course, blame the birds.

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