Monday, March 9, 2015


If you decide to transfer resources and energy to solar and wind energy capturing devices then ”own what you are doing.”  The “sustainable”, “green”, “renewable” descriptions associated with these devices are not true. 
From a very narrow perspective these devices can be called those attributes.  However, if the view is expanded to the energy streams and the natural resource streams and coupled with the global industrial complex that underwrites these devices the picture changes to a dynamic flow of large machines, complex processes, huge installations for refining and manufacturing. 
There are economies of scale that dictate how large these business complexes (float glass manufacturing) must be to allow commercial access. These economies of scale structure the costs as well as the scope of environmental impact.  I am suggesting that if you use and/or promote these solar and wind energy capturing devices - own and conceptualize what you are using.  If you see it as a transition – is it temporary or continuous?  Whichever, how do you produce the next generation of devices?  In addition, how will you produce the products you want to use with the electricity?  I suggest if you are using these devices and promoting them as future energy answer: I suggest the renewable and sustainable questions above need to be answer. 

These “solutions” are business as usual.  Can the earth or the next generation of people take more business as usual?

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