Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Potatoes

We grew 800 pounds of potatoes this year (2013).  They are specialty potatoes - adirondack blues, adirondack reds, all blue, fingerlings and a couple other types.  Here is a picture of half of them curing on the floor of our new building.

Here is our logo.  In Northern Minnesota there are many rocks, bigggg rocks and they are always slowly coming to the surface.  The red containers we got for free and adapted them to hold our potatoes.  They are about a bushel.   The plastic buckets we get from a local bakery.

This is the sign we have hanging from our mailbox.

 When we built the root cellar, we screwed the roof down with torque screws.  This august we took the roof off, went up a level and put it back on.  There are 6 inches of insulation in the walls and 12 inches in the ceiling.  Right now we are using it as a work house but other possibilities exist.  Below we still have a root cellar wall off so that will also be a basement below.  This last year our potatoes lasted before setting eyes until the first of July in the root cellar.  Even then they remained firm and edible.   Below is the before and after of the building.