Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coming to a world near you.

We cannot hide from this.  We are in overshoot.  We are devastating the earth.  We are eliminating the lives and the livability of many creatures of the earth.  I don't know if we can back up from it.  I do know we can't bury our heads or entertain ourselves with "celebrities" or hide behind the drums and clouds of war.

Peak Liberalism

Monday, October 24, 2016


These speak to some of my feelings.  I had a sense of this before but my awareness has deepened and saddened.
A person will speak about their kids misbehaving or how their country is corrupt yet is another says the same, it is "war".  So be it.
Both of these men have given me permission to use their words.  I thank them.
They are Facebook friends.

Eight years ago, it was a much lonelier time for those of us who were warning about Obama. Facebook and other social media membership and sharing of information through them had not yet exploded to the current level, "Lesser of two evils" strategy had more credibility and more progressives seemed to be on the Obama bandwagon, applauding the prospect of a black person winning the presidency for the first time. In that atmosphere, we had to remind people that our opposition to Obama had nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his politics, positions, platform and the people he was surrounding himself with, and that being against Obama didn't mean being for John McCain.
Now, eight years later, we again have to warn about the candidate most likely to take the White House and this time we have to tell them that electing a woman, regardless of her policies, has nothing to do with feminism and not voting for her doesn't mean we have to vote for Trump. But, although we've been here before, there are things that are different now, in addition to more social media presence and influence. Not only is the world a much more dangerous place, now, thanks to our "first black president", but the person about to become the next president is also more dangerous, even compared to Obama, who has pushed the world to the brink of another world war. The US is involved in more wars today than eight years ago; there is more terrorism, much of it created and exploited for regime change by the US; there is much more division, tension and hostility between East and West, in general, and the US and Russia, in particular; NATO is closer to Russia’s borders with heavy weapons, tanks and missiles; two more Muslim nations are in complete ruin, thanks to the US and its allies; Yemen is being bombed indiscriminately everyday by Saudi Arabia with the help of the US; Islamist terrorists are running Libya and fascists are in power in Ukraine; and there is talk of WWIII and a nuclear war. Hillary Clinton personally had much to do with the creation of most of these unsettling circumstances. And, these are the world conditions under which she, who is a known and staunch neocon and war advocate, is going to become the next president. It's significant that there has not been a single war that she wouldn't quickly and enthusiastically jump to support. Electing someone like her under these dangerous conditions shows an incredibly uninformed and misled voting population, despite the existence of social media.
Here's what we can expect from Hillary Clinton presidency:
1. Further escalation in Syria with the possibility of her attempting to impose a no-fly zone, as she's said she will do (or even sending US troops), which will be tantamount to declaring war with Russia with catastrophic consequences.
2. Intensification of the war in Afghanistan and possibly a new buildup of troops in Iraq.
3. Emboldening Israel to attack Iran, bringing Russia and China to their help and dragging the US into war with them.
4. A more aggressive intervention in Venezuela and other Latin American countries who try to chart their own course independently of US imperialism, including support for military coups and CIA instigated unrest and sabotage.
5. More unconditional support for Israel’s settlement building, home demolitions, extrajudicial killings and bombing raids against Palestinians, with impunity.
6. Continued close relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf kingdoms and support for their funding of terrorists in the region and attack on Yemen.
7. Continued neoliberal trade policies and impoverishing of the underdeveloped nations with the use of IMF, World Bank and WTO.
8. Expansion of bombings by drones, including of political opponents of US supported dictators around the world.
9. Continued operation of secret CIA prisons overseas, "extraordinary renditions", torture and endless incarceration of foreign prisoners at Guantanamo Bay prison against international laws.
10. Expansion of the strategy of surrounding Russia with military bases and missiles directed at her, further provoking open war.

Domestically, there will not be much change: continued mass surveillance and punishing of whistle blowers, including an increased effort to have Assange arrested and extradited to the US, in spite of a lack of jurisdiction, increased military spending despite it being obscenely high already, increased pressure and criminalization against critics of Israel and supporters of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement, free rein for Wall Street banks and other giant corporations with minimal or no regulation, continued mass incarceration and police brutality, continued rising of income and wealth inequality, rising healthcare premiums and college tuitions and neglecting the environment.
While the liberals’ "lesser of two evils" strategy continued to make things worse for working people in the past elections, it's hard to say who is the lesser evil this time. Certainly, Clinton is the bigger evil when it comes to foreign policy, imperialism and wars. And that's especially important now because we've never been closer to a Third World War and a military confrontation with Russia than we are now. Indeed, these are the worst times for a cold blooded psychopath and war enthusiast who laughs about the brutal torture and murder of the leader of a nation to be the commander in chief of the most powerful military in the world with the ability to destroy the Earth. It's safe to say no candidate from either party as dangerous as Hillary Clinton has ever won the presidency. There are to be sure many reasons to reject Donald Trump, not the least because of his racism, misogyny and temperament, (not to mention the fact that he too, like Hillary, will not hesitate to serve US imperial and corporate interests), but there are even bigger reasons to reject Hillary Clinton.

From Dennis Leahy :
For my democrat friends, especially those that whitewash this warmongering, neoliberal-neocon, corporatist's words, actions, and promises.

I'm not upset at democrats for electing her (you are well-trained partisans, immune to legitimate criticism of your candidate), because you didn't elect her. The system is rigged far beyond your imagination's boundaries. She has already been given the Oval Office by the Secret Government/Deep State/Ruling Class, because everything - EVERYTHING - she will do will be the Elite Ruling Class's agenda. An agenda of genocide and nation-wiping destruction, branded for the sheeple as "humanitarian intervention", global control via CIA assassinations/destabilization, global slave-creating/maintaining corporatism deliberately mislabeled as trade agreements, ecocidal green light for the oil and gas corporations' fracking, fracking wastewater injection, pipelines, offshore drilling, and suppression of "green" energy, anti-citizen policies on GMOs, mass surveillance, execution by police with impunity, more mass incarceration/prison slavery...

This is not conjecture - this is hillary's promise.

She is "The One." The one that the Elite Ruling Class have chosen to preside over the impending (and planned) economic implosion/economic bloodletting/economic wealth consolidation. (With the end of the "petro dollar", there was either going to be another major false-flag operation like 9/11 or a world war as the "reason" given for economic implosion of the Federal Reserve's Ponzi scheme.) She is the one that will stand down while Israel commits the "final solution" to what they see as their “Palestinian problem." She is the one that will murder Assad and destroy Syria, create a war with Russia, and (deep in an underground bunker) will order nuclear missiles to be launched. And you, my democrat friends, are going to pretend to be surprised when it all happens. You didn't elect her (there are no real elections for president in the USA, INC.), but you did legitimize her coronation.

Hey, democrat - remember when your gang used to talk about being for the people, for workers, for the environment, for social justice, and for peace?