Monday, August 21, 2017


I have spoken with those younger – 50, 40, 30, 20 years younger than I.  They cannot hear, nor do they want to hear.  Nor do I blame them in my heart though my mind says ‘know the truth’.

The declining ERoEI of fossil fuels and the degrading of mineral resources is converging with all the population, environmental and climatic pressures to put us right at the edge.  The social upheaval from many directions - war, draught, economic disparity, famine - is pushing the edge to the cliff.  Biological, geological and environmental realities of the situation dictate against continuity of the fossil fuel fired industrial world.

My belief says let it work itself out.  This of course would include techno-solutions as this is our way.  All of which from my point of view are part of the problem if not the root of the problems.  Because of our mental manipulation of time and space, we create technological solutions that are only a small piece in the natural flow of things, hence rife with unintended consequences.

Unfortunately, there is no Dante’s Inferno in the nether world.  For those who have no conscience, there is no hell.  For those wrapped in beliefs that separate their life from other life, from our home and from certain other humans, there is no hell.  We are creating it on earth.

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